I think I may have some down time soon

I hope, lets see

July thru Nov 2016 : Selling house – move in to new house – done

Nov – Jan : Holidays – Done

Mar 2017 :Vacation – Done

Mar – Apr 2017 : Sold mom’s house  and move into new house – done

May 2017 : Son’s Wedding – Done

June 2017 : Sons marathon in Montana

July 2017: In friends Renew Ceremony

Auuugghhhh, I need some down time



Day 1ish – Arrive in Lima

Day one … we fly out of LAX, around 1.40pm, since we decided to do carry on’s only this trip we figured we would have less time in line.  So my husband wanted to leave 30 min or so later, I wanted to leave at the same time, we left about 15 min later and stopped for Sandwiches on the way, since neither of them will eat any airline food, Ever!

Traffic was fine until we got to the airport, then it took like 40 mins to finally get inside and dropped off, needless to say, it was a little stressful, but, Avianca flight was late (this happens on EvErY Flight) so we made it with about 10 min to spare.

Now the cool thing about Avianca is you can Bid for Business Class.  So since we were flying in legs, we skipped the first half,(LA to San Salvador) and we won the second half, (San Salvador to Lima)much wider seats and better legroom, AND we got our meals on Real plates and utensils, and we got a cool desert, AND a goodie bag with ear plugs, socks, chapstick and L ‘Occitane hand creme, and other misc goodies.

We ended up getting in around 1am in the Morning, so we had to reserve the hotel for that night so we didn’t have to wait until 1pm to check in.  We got a Suite for us and a Single room for our son.

What we didn’t expect was the HUMIDITY, WTF, come on…..so it was in the 70’s but pretty sticky, had to wash clothes the first day out, at least they dried so we could reuse them quickly.

Lima money is Sols, exchange was about $1 equals $3.27 sols so it was a very economical trip for eating, drinking, sightseeing and souvenirs.

Here are some pics of our room, notice the SQAURE toilet, and the GLASS wall of the tub! Although it was a jacuzzi tub and it came in handy after walking all over the next day.


So we just went to bed the am we got there and got up around 9am the next day. I can honestly say, taking the Business Class for the last leg, helped the next day not be so brutal.

So, the planning took a while..

first we had to decide where to go, even though it was for my 50th b-day, it was still a family trip.

We narrowed it down to Machu Picchu or Angkor Wat, but since my bday is during monsoon season, we decided on Machu Picchu, keep in mind this took months!


First, what days are we going, Leaving & Coming home

Then what flights to take, and how to break it up so we aren’t stuck on any really long flights. (Getting to old for super long flights, I am only 5’1, but my hubby is 6 2′ and son is 5′ 10, so the short leg room really sucks for them)

This actually takes weeks of spreadsheets and looking up flights and figuring it all out on a reasonable budget for time and money.

Then once the flights are booked it is on to the hotels, looking them, getting reviews (I recommend trip adivsor) figuring out the safest and best hotels at a reasonable cost, since for some reason my 25 year old son wants his OWN room, sheesh, guess he is to old to share 🙂

While we looked for flights we also read reviews, but the most common flier, and cheapest airline was Avianca, we took our chances since I had seen reference in reviews to not being on time, and duplicate charges….you need to keep this in mind for future posts, you will see why


getting ready for next year vacation…

yes, Vacation is a great motivator to get in shape.  Since it will be a big one, involving walking and climbing, lots of it.  Gotta work on getting back in shape.  I was in shape for the one in 2014, but slack-a-lacking since then 🙂

We went to Petra for my Husband’s 50th, not sure exactly where I will be for my 50th, most likely Machu Pichu, maybe Angkor Wat, for Bali, that is the 3 locations so far, have to see what weather and stop overs are.

But no matter which one, gotta get in shape for it.  I would love to be Riding an Elephant holding an Orangutan on my bday.  Not sure they can both happen at the same time, but I can wish!

Togetherness…..vacation overload

I love my husband of 28 years, I do, but after 2 weeks of TOGETHERNESS, I need some space. On vacation you are REALLY together 24/7. Not only are you together all day, you are togther in a SMALL area.

I thought he was going to work on Monday but he is off till Thursday…..OMG…..I am used to being alone most of the day, he is going to wreck my schedule.


International Travel – go off season if possible

The best time to travel is NOT our summer, the prices are always high, it is crowded and usually bad weather. Unfortunately we are traveling for my husbands 50th bday, so we have no choice this year. And when our kids were younger we were trapped in the “summer school” cycle. We are planning our next trips around Thanksgiving time, since the family is spread out now and Thanksgiving isn’t what it used to be.

So if at all possible, go off peak time, everything is a better price, Plane tickets, hotels, less crowds for the sights, and usually much better weather, trust me is the locals have left their city for the month, that really isn’t the time to be there 🙂

Day 16 – life is getting back to normal…

Finally, I can get back to my regular routine…need to get back in shape before vacation in July. I didn’t gain any weight, actually lost some with my new lifestyle, but I need work on getting some stamina back and get my ankle in shape so it doesn’t hurt and I stop walking like a duck:)

Breakfast – had So Delicious Coconut milk yogurt….Finally.. it actually tastes like yogurt 🙂 with strawberries and granola

snack – n/a
lunch – Homemade Bread with PB and homemade Jelly
snack – choc covered banana
dinner – Oh yea, who said eating healthy is boring?? I had my version of chicken and waffles, yea thats right 🙂
I used my crispy faux chicken patties, between some small frozen pancakes, and poured on some syrup and my homemade jelly, and boom. It was goooood!
dessert – Tofuti Cuttie

Togetherness or being smothered???

I love my hubby, I really do, we have been together 28 years in august. So he does a lot right.

However, I have been off work since Jan and I finally have a schedule down, doing pretty good. He had to take his vacation this week, because of somethings going on at his work.

So we went to Vegas for a few days, but we had to stay home for the rest… He is driving me CRAZY!!!! Being together 24/7 is had work….auughh he is worse then a baby.

He needs to get a hobby, I will be soooo happy when Football starts back up again, sometimes being a sports widow is a good thing!

I am telling you if this is what retirement will be like that man is never going to retire because I couldn’t take it. He will be dead and I will be in jail and I am too small and cute to be in jail, I will be someones “girlfriend” before I finished getting booked!!!

I will be so happy when he goes back to work on Monday, longest freaking vacation I have ever had!!

I was happy in my Rut

Repost from other site


I have been at my current job for 15 years this april. I know how lucky I am to have a job, even though I had my pay cut by 10% 2 years ago, and we haven’t had any bonus’ to speak of for those 2 years which cut my pay by another 10%.

My husband has been at his current job for over 17 yrs, and we know how lucky we are he kept his job even though he had to take a pay cut of 15% and saw bonus’ disappear also for another cut of at least 15%.

We were didn’t over extend our selves in the house market, and we saw the signs coming so we have cut and trimmed and scaled back as much as we could, while still paying off our obligations and putting 2 boys thru college. And as most of you know who follow..I have been amping up my coupon usage and other ways to get free gift cards for food, groceries, dining out ect.

So since our 25yr anniversary is coming up we thought we might take a trip out of the country, we have been saving and scrimping and I have lots or rewards points saved up so it would be reasonable.  This is why I constantly tell ya all, sign up for EVERYTHING, it pays for the few minutes it takes!

Since we keep delaying it, we took a few days off for vacation, and on my first vacation day I get a call from the president of the company and the owner of the company, letting me know that the company is being SOLD!!! and hello, there is a meeting the next day at 8:30 to meet the potential owners..so on my second vacation day, instead of heading to the coast I head to work and do the meet and greet, then I leave for my “vacation” which at this point has become a moot point, kinda hard to enjoy yourself when you are worrying about having a job.