Well…poopie…..not that I am

complaining about my weight loss, I feel a LOT better, but I went to pull out all my travel clothes, light weight, moisture wicking, and NOTHING fits!

Now I like to clothes shop like any self respecting woman 🙂  but I had to re-buy stuff that is only used occasionally.

Auugghhh, plus I waited until two weeks before to check, so now I have a deadline and can’t wait for sales……(sobbing on floor….auugghh).

Luckily, I found a few things on sale, and I am combing my closet for light stuff I can fit into.

So, glad about the weight lost, but not about the money I am spending :’)


Sometimes you just gotta do it

what can I say, I have been doing good lately, but I was jonesing for some carbs, so I had a reasonably healthy choice , shells with cheese and spinach.

While it was yummy in my tummy, I took a hit on WW, but gosh darn it, it was worth it 🙂

Actually I would have been alright, but two days later we went to lunch with the kids and I had 5, yes, so embarrassing, but I ate 5 biscuits, they were like air!

So I didn’t lose, and I only gained .04, so I am happy with that!

This is a life style, not a diet, so I won’t be perfect, still I can enjoy what I want and feel pretty darn good about it.

Plus went clothes shopping and went down 2 sizes (yeah my clothes were slightly baggy….) and the clothes were on sale 50% off….boyah!  Happy Dance!

Happy WW Dance

so went back to WW and with my clothes on…..  135.2, Happy Happy Joy Joy, so I am on maintenance now, so gotta go 6 weeks without going up more then 2lbs, then I will be WW for life!

Now remember, I am 5….I used to by 5 3/4, I need that freaking 3/4 in back darn it!  My husband says by the time I am 90 I will be to small to see, he also says my next eyeglass prescription is a Seeing Eye Dog, soooo, yea, this is my life 🙂

So every 5 to 7 lbs is a size different, good to lose weight, bad to buy clothes that won’t fit in a few weeks, good thing I kept a bunch of “skinny” clothes, however, some of them are way out of style….been a long time since I was this low in weight, but a good problem to have!

HA, off the plateu…

finally!  started losing weight again!  But then I find out not only do I need to hit my goal weight, I have to stay there or less for 6 weeks before I get lifetime in WW.   Auuuggghhh!

On a side note, I am down to 5 of those darn Orange Theory Workouts!  F>>>I>>>V>>>E!

I will be so happy when those are done, I have been doing my yoga, trying for 2 times a week and OT 1 time a week.  This will extend my 20 sessions of yoga I got 40% off on !

So I guess once I hit my goal weight I will go back to WW meetings so they can track my 6 weeks for my lifetime WW 😉


Sorry, it’s been a while…life gets

Cray Cray sometimes!  So let’s see, I joined weight watches, I have lost 19 lbs since October…Woot Woot for me.  That is two sizes since I am only 5 ‘1, and YES that one inch is on my Medical records to there!

However, the chances of me getting even close to 100 lbs is slim and none, last time I was 35 years younger, with no kids, or hubby, all that adds weight to you 🙂


Au Naturale is Awesome…..losing weight is even better

OMG, I think it must have taken at least a year for most of the artificial additive crap to work it’s way out of my system. I don’t think it is all gone, since I have been getting it for most of my life, but maybe like smoking, if you quit soon enough, your body can recover.

Usually when I do my diets, lower my carbs, up my exercise, I am excited when I go to get by B-12 shot and they say I have lost .05 lbs. I am only 5 2/3, so each 5lbs is a size for me.

So the last few times I have went for my shot, wait for it.. I lost over 1lb! Woop Woop Happy Freaking dance!

I haven’t done anything different then I have done over the years except for 1 thing, cut out the artificial crap. Between the weight loss and my husbands better sleeping I think it is pretty clear, it is working to clear out my body. That may be why most vegans are in good shape, not that they aren’t eating meat, but everything they eat isn’t soaked in artificial additives.

I go never go vegan or vegetarian completely, and I think there are more additives then just in our meat and diary, look at cheerios, they can only make one of their cereals non-gmo because it is everywhere. Why aren’t more people worried?

So I will continue to slowly switch as much as I can to non-artificial additives…soon I am going to try making butter, got a kit, only question….is heavy whipping cream the same as heavy cream??