Day 5 Machu Picchu

WOW, ……… it is totally just….WOW…..the journey to get here itself is crazy, and this place is magical.  We spent about 5 hours climbing around.  You can leave and come back so we did take a break for about an hour.  It is HUGE…and we didn’t do all of it.

So even being 50 and out of shape (me), I ended up climbing more then I thought and getting to the top, even if I did have to stop every 10 steps or so, it was worth it.  My son got some of the best high top views, cause he is young and in shape 🙂

This is by far one of the most gorgeous, intriguing places I have ever seen.  How did these people who built here even find this place?  How did they build here?  Where did the stones come from? How is it their structures are STILL here?  I don’t think we could do this in our modern age, it is CrAzY to think about.

If you can make it here, get here, this is definitely a once in a life time experience.

Look at how blue the sky is, how green the hills are, how beautiful and lush



There were ALOT of stairs…lots of up and down, lots of breaks to make it to the top!


things that should make you go WTF???

When traveling, and we have been quite a few places, Paris, London, Prague, Venice, Rome, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, Marrakesh, Thailand, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, Istanbul & Amman,….

NONE of them serve Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi, NONE of them. Why because the ingredients in it are not legal in their countries. Think about that for a minute, are you telling me that ALL there countries are wrong? I don’t think so, these countries do what is right for their people not what giant corporations try to do here and buy the votes of our leaders…oh wait did I say “try”, I meant DO.

You can get Coke Light, Regular Coke or Coke Zero, but no diet coke, think about that next time you go to get one. Think about that next time you think the government agencies (fda) are looking out for you, they aren’t they are looking out for themselves and big business.

Personally I can’t drink the Light or Regular, Zero will do in a pinch. But I did there what I do hear, drink water, tea and booze 🙂

Or and currently Diet Coke is working to get a better alternative, but Pepsi is working with scientists to come up with some ingredient that will fool our body into thinking it has more sugar then it does, uh uh , no thanks, while I used to drink Diet Coke or Pepsi interchangably, I am going to diet coke only as they aren’t trying to frankenstien my body thank you very much.

Hello to all of my visitors from other countries….I am sure you have your own version of Thanksgiving

I would love to hear about the.  Ours seems to have gone the way to commercialism from a once deep rooted Thankfulness for what this country means to us and to all those that have died to keep it the glorious country it is.  We may bash it, trash it, but in the end it is our country and it makes us proud (most of the time, kind of like our families :).

So please give a shout out to your country and what you are thankful for.

Thanks for stopping by.


I am thankful I found out early about the Iggy’s diabetes before it got out of hand (the Pug) although I am not to sure what his pillow aka Rudder thinks about all of it 🙂