it was so much fun, the goats are sooo cute!  My friend went with me, my hubby was so happy he didn’t have to go!

They had 3 sessions, next time we are taking the middle session, it will be cooler and the goats a little more active.

In all it was fun, got to pet them, one tried to eat the string on my pants, uh…I need that to keep them up!

They we baaaaing, and running around, just so cute, the local 4h kids were there, they raised them and made sure they were spread out thru the crowd.

There were guys and girls there, and it was a fairly easy class, had to be because everyone just wanted to cuddle goats 🙂


I try to do workouts at home…

but I get easily distracted by…the dogs, the cat, dishes, phone calls, work…ect….I can’t do anything on the floor without the dogs trying to play with or sit on me.

At class there is nothing to distract me, that is my quality ME time….it is also good for the family to come home and me NOT be here….they can amuse themselves for a few hours 😉

except that means my son usually takes my parking spot…sigh…

Yoga = no pain pills

yep, you read that right, my hips have been killing me!  I finally started going back to yoga, and woo hoo, I have gone 5 days a week, except on the Monday holiday and last Friday when my husband took off work….totally screwed up my schedule!

I haven’t had to take a pain pill except for Sunday, as the Yoga helps to lessen it to almost nothing!

So I do everything I can to go almost everyday, much better then pills anyday, plus I don’t want to do to the doctor because I gained some weight back and she will want to take my blood and put me on meds….nope, going old school….

yea for yoga!

I finally said “F” it, and went back to yoga, I got a month to month membership I can cancel at any time.  I really needed it.  I went to my first class and it help with my back issues about 75%.

Once I get going back regular I should start feeling 110% in no time.

I hadn’t been going for a while because we are in flux with the house, is it going to sell, where are we going to move, ect….but I couldn’t put it off anymore, it was very sore to get up and down.

Sigh….I hate getting old…aauugghhh

6/3 food diary/exercise log

I will try and remember to post, keeping a log helps to control what I eat….’cause people will see what I eat 😉  and I forget how long, or how many days, so I will date it, but the days will be behind the posts….sorry

Breakfast – Oatmeal made in advance – see 6/2 post

I am splitting my lunches in two to help stave off the snackies I always get


1/2 lunch – 1 c soup – ate the rest of it….all gone now

1/2 lunch – 1/2 c cheerios with strawberries and black berries

The fruit needs to be eaten because I made it for lunches but because of the Monday holiday, made to much.

and….I forgot to enter info and know I can’t remember……%$^*!




7/14 – she WAS trying to kill us

OMG –  I ache in places I didn’t know I had….aauugghh…pilates instructor was out to get us!

Breakfast – Apple & Cherries – No pilates at 12 – ok no yoga at all, I was sore plus had to turn in the VW bug

Home yoga workout – thank goodness for those stick figures

Lunch – got some bread (cross between flat bread and naan) spread it with Avocado, Hummus and Tofu Cream Cheese, yum!

Snack – Good for my fudge muffin – flax, omega 3, 132 Cal

Dinner – radishes, last 1/2 of cinnamon yam, some of the bread

Dessert – pineapple yogurt bar


7/13 – it starts all over again

Breakfast – Apple & Banana – had two because I am going to Pilates, and that bitach is trying to kill me!

Home Yoga – got a book that shows you in stick figures how to do the pose, Yea!

Pilates – Like I said above, lady trying to kill us and I was not the only one there thinking the same thing.

Lunch – Mom’s homemade vegetable soup, 3 flat crackers


1/2 sweet potato with cinnamon and butter – left over from Lone Star – there was a lot, so I split it.  Because now it is back to vacuuming….need the energy, plus need room in the fridge!

Dinner – home grown tomato and cucumber in italian dressing, Mac N Cheese from Lone Star (left overs), salad with home grown tomato and cucumber, lettuce, cranberry goat cheese, balsamic and raspberry vinegrette (homemade)

Dessert – pineapple yogurt bar, healthy fudge brownie 136 cals plus flax and omega 3’s

Why do I do it..Why….I am not sure what I hate more

sweating or wasting money.  It is pretty close.  So I went for my 3rd time to Hot Yoga!  AAuuugghhh.  I had a few weeks between because there were house repairs going on and I had to be here for them.

I did get smart and take my cool towel and FREEZE it before I went, so I was a nice Ice Ball that slowly melted but helped me to stay a little cooler.

Now I am down to 10@ each class, I could stop here, BUT, I still have 7 classes and 2 months, so I know I am going to do it again.

It is so hard, but I feel so much better afterwards, but the more I go the closer I will get to saying screw it!  We will see how many I can do 🙂

why do I do it, I know better….

so lets recap…I do NOT like to sweat, I don’t like humidity, I have no balance and I tried hot yoga before and the 90 min one is hard.  I know this, and yet, my husband found a deal, 10 classes over 3 months for less then $40.

Hmmm, thinks I….I know it was hard and sweaty, but I have been doing yoga and exercise for a while, I am sure I can do it.

I KNOW better, but I paid for it and you all know how I hate to waste money, so I go the first day..omg..Omg…OMG….what was I thinking!!!  I am hot, sweaty, lite headed, and did I say HOT and SWEATY…now I have to go at least 3 more times because I will have rec’d a 50% discount that way, if and that is a BIG “IF” I go all 10 I will be real proud, if I only go once more SCREW IT…. I break even…I can live with that 🙂


degrees (ages) of yoga….ish

So as a lot of you know I started out with Gentle Yoga , this is mostly done on the floor, typical ages range from 50 – 80 (there is always someone older or younger), then there was Theraputic Yoga, more movement, use of props, typical ages range from 40 – 60 (there is always someone older or younger), then I tried some Hatha Yoga, as a “flow”, some balancing, typical ages range from 20- 50 (there is always someone older or younger), all 3 classes run 1 & 1/2 hours.

Then I thought, hey I am getting the hang of this so I have moved to Pilates….there is a reason it is only 55min compared with the other classes.  It whips my ass, typical ages range from 20 – 40 (there is always someone older or younger), then I ended up in a Barr class by mistake, Pilates is M,T, Th, F, Barr is Wednesday.  OMG…really, some one just put me out of my misery.  Lots of arm work with weights, lots of leg work with a ball, lots of stomach work with a ball, typical ages range from 18 – 40 (there is always someone older or younger), thank god it was a 55min class also.  I started to feel light headed towards the middle.

But I will try again, I will eat more earlier (it is a 112noon class) and I will skip the weights on the first have of the classes.  The teacher even said, “this is a hard class, give it one more try before you quit, please 🙂