We are getting SOLAR finally

As you probably know if you follow my blog, for some reason my hubby has a bad attitude about solar.  Has forever, he said to me one time “I don’t care if it is FREEd, we are not getting solar!”

So when we moved, the whole freaking area DOESN”T have a/c, what is up with that?  Know we have found that we really only need it a few weeks of summer, I have been able to keep him from getting A/C for two years, but he really wants it.

SO, if he gets A/C I get SOLAR, because no way it will “only” be used when it is really needed and the Electric is expensive here.  So he finally said yes.  Then he has the nerve to say ” I told you, you get everything you want”….HUH….I have been working on getting Solar for TEN YEARS and DECADE, and he calls me spoiled…what a $#%^.

But at least know when we get A/C we won’t have to worry about sky high bills!


Got a new Fridge for my b-day :)

Soo, we have a fridge, it is old, but we didn’t realize it was 15 years old til we looked it up.

It has the push buttons for water, which have been broke for a while now, we have been living with it, but it has become too small for us and my son and his wife, plus my youngest is coming home (woot woot) with his girlfriend, and I was like….ok…time for a new fridge.

It is so nice, has much more space, old one was side by side, this one has freezer drawer on bottom.  Easier to see everything, will help with stuff getting pushed back and going bad.

Plus it was on a deal and we got 18 same as cash financing.  Bohya!

True cost of owning a home….

Home ownership isn’t just about the mortgage, that is just 1 part……it is hard not only to buy the house but to stay in it…

  • Mortgage
  • Home Insurance
  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Gas
  • Trash
  • Water
  • Electric
  • PMI* – not everyone has this, no one should, just a waste of money, if you can put down enough not to have this payment do it!  FYI if you are paying, once you get your mortgage balance low enough you can request to stop paying this fee, check with your lender!

Home builders should have to install “grey” water systems in all new houses……water from sink and shower go into toilet, so non-potable water is used first.  Think of how much drinking water is wasted every time you flush the toilet.

Home builders should have to install some solar panels and a storage battery to cut down on electric usage and costs.  *If you have HERO financing in your area you might want to look into it for solar.

This doesn’t include any costs for repairs, maintaining house, furniture ect.

You can’t do much about some of the costs, but reducing your use of electric, water and gas will help your bottom line.



Daily Harvest …..daily good

So as you know we are trying to eat better, so while smoothies are good, most places add yogurt, ice cream ect….that while taste yummy , defeat the purpose.  So we found Daily Harvest, they have smoothies (like a lot) ice cream (yes Ice Cream) but it is harder to make, and I am not a fan of the one with cauliflower in it, Chai parfait (bleck…but only my opionion) and soups.

I like the different varieties of flavors, benefits, and that they come frozen so you can use them when you want to, and scheduling is super easy.  They come with fruits and veggies, you add the liquid.

Check it out, if you could use the code below it would be helpful, you get 3 free , we get 3 Free, win/win for all 🙂


Daily Harvest delivers the unprocessed, organic foods that you crave right to your door. Our smoothies, soups, overnight oats and chia parfaits go from freezer to tummy in just minutes so you don’t have to compromise to fit healthy eating into your busy life

We’re giving you 3 free cups when you make your first purchase – because any friend of That Damn Cat 🙂 is a friend of ours.

Go ahead, take a bite!  Use Code: RE-5GK8S49


don’t fall for “convenience”

in real speak that is “paying more for less” great example “baby carrots”  just buy a bunch of regular carrots.  Cut and chop them yourself…KEEP the peel…..it is where most of the good stuff is.  Buying prepped carrots hurts your bottom line and your health.

Just take a few minutes to wash them before eating if you don’t go organic

Organic Authority” magazine reports that carrots contain a high degree of phytonutrients, many of which are found in the skin or immediately beneath it. Consuming phytonutrients leads to a number of health benefits, including lessening your risk of cancer and boosting your immune response.

Get Crunching For Your Health

The U.S. Department of Agriculture National Nutrient Database doesn’t break down the nutritional value of peeled versus unpeeled carrots, but notes that raw carrots are a healthy item. One cup of chopped carrots has just 52 calories, less than a gram of fat and 3.6 grams of dietary fiber. Carrots are also a valuable source of calcium, potassium and a number of vitamins. They also provide beta carotene, which improves eye and skin health while improving your immune system.

Double duty items to save some Moolah

Do you use cleaning clothes to clean your face?  Before throwing them away use them to clean your bathroom counters, and other bathroom surfaces!

DO NOT throw in toilet, they clog up the drains!

Do you take water to drink at night?  Do you have some left the next day?  Don’t pour it down the drain, water your plant with it, give it to your animals, it is warm not bad.

Did you move recently? Did you use paper towels to wrap glasses and such?  Reuse them, don’t throw them away when you unpack!

Have a plastic laundry basket or trash can you are throwing away?  Wait, fill it up with stuff that needs to go to good will and take it all at once!

Take extra plastic bags with you to the store, see someone with out a bag that needs one?  Give it to them, make the world a nicer place one bag at a time 🙂

Get fragrance samples?  Put them in your drawers to keep your clothes smelling nice.

More Laundry savings secrets :)

I recently bought Organic Eco Wool Dryer Balls – 6 Pack – 100% Handmade, Fair Trade, Organic, No Lint – Premium Quality from amazon.  I LOVE them, they are little wooly balls and the help to fluff up your laundry and cut your drying time.

Remember, I dry my Jeans and Towels outside when I can, to almost dry, then I throw them in the dryer, these balls help to make them fluffy and dry a little quicker.

On regular clothes I think I save about 25% on time, with all the laundry that goes on here that adds up!  If I do good clothes I will rip a dryer sheet in half to help with static cling saves money here also.

Also if you wear something for half day, and you didn’t get it dirty or sweaty, either just hang back up in closet or if you MUST wash, then use the spin and rinse cycle.  The less you wash your clothes the longer they last, saving money on clothes, and water and electric bills.

The biggest saver of all, now that it is summer, let the SUN dry your clothes!


Just for men my ARSE!

so, as you may remember, I am going grey, now I have GONE grey, seriously, there is very few non-grey hairs growing in….waaaahhhh.

So I thought, why can’t I use Just for Men hair color?  Only 5 minutes?  Easy to do?  So I went online and found nothing that says there is no grey hair is difference for men and women.

So I bought a box, brought it home, and damn it to all if it DID work, no more grey, only took five minutes.  Sheesh.

The difference I could find is that this dye will only dye the grey hairs, so since I dye my hair a little lighter, my roots are a very unnoticable shade darker, but NO GREY baby!

If you highlight your hair, or dye it many shades different then you regular hair color, not sure if would work as good, but for 5 minutes and $6.00 can’t hurt to give it a try!



Closet Mash-Up….

so we were going out and I needed something to wear, but it is still HOT and all my nice clothes aren’t summery.

Then I saw a sleeveless dress I haven’t worn in a while, because….I need sleeves, then I found the black shirt I recently got from Thred Up and I put it on Over the dress and it looked like a Shirt and Skirt combo.

HA, take that white flabby arms….able to hide them and still look nice in my dress.

Booyah!  Didn’t have to buy a new dress, able to make use of dress haven’t worn in a while.

Saved money and hubby from dealing with a wife unhappy about her outfit 🙂

Thred Up people…Thred UP!

so as you may remember,….. or not….have been sending clothes I no longer wear or use to Thred Up, I have rec’d the following payouts:

$8.23 , $20.20, $23.25, and my last one a whole whopping $1.20, now you can have it credited to account, or get a cashout, I had my money sent to paypal.

So I was looking thru my closet and realized I needed some new clothes, so I thought, why not….I tried Thred Up for buying clothes.  And I really like it, they show most of the shirts on dummies so you can see how long they are, I am short….this can be a problem…and they give the measurements.  And you can return whatever you don’t like or doesn’t fit.

I am on box 2, I like 3 out of 6 I ordered, which is par for when I go to the store, I always end up taking 50% back.  And my last box I kept 3 out of 8.  Still not to bad.  The clothes are in great condition, and are very reasonably priced…as they should be since they don’t payout a lot 🙂

Give it a whirl….you’ll like it!