Re-purpose items – save money

and the environment.

So I had a machine that had different attachments to cut cheese, veggies, ect.  I hardly ever used it.  Especially after the kids left, as I got it mainly to buy blocks of cheese and shred them, cheaper then buying it already done.

Now I do continue to work with candles, so, I took the grater and found out I could use it to shred my wax to make it melt quicker!  Woo hoo!

You would be surprised what you can come up with when you put your mind to it.

And with the candles…. I have a friend who gets candles all the time, but we noticed they never burn down to the bottom of the container.  So I scrape all the left overs out , then I put in UNSCENTED wax, this will hold the wicks up and doesn’t burn, so then I remelt the scented was that was at the bottom (usually takes 2 or 3 candles) and re-pour over the top.

I am able to reuse all the glass candle jars and the wax that was left over in them, upcycle baby and save yourself some cash!


Alternate uses for household items

so I recently bought my mom some reusable netting bags for veggies and fruits instead of using the plastic ones in the store.

they are netted so you can bring your items home, wash and dry and store in the same bag.

I however, found another use, I put all my veggies and chicken parts in the bag and then add to the pot of water, this allows for all the yummy flavors to come thru for my stock, but the bones and veggies stay in the bag to easily get rid of.

Another item I got was the at home Pedicure Machine, where it files off your dead foot skin, welllll….I found out that I can use it to file down the rough edges on my craft items as well.

I also reuse the shampoo bottles that have the pump that my husband uses, remember, I am a big no “poo”er, so I add my travel size items, body wash ects, that I get from hotels into it , I use that to shave my legs, no reason to buy a million different things to wash your hair/body/shave ect. one item can do it all.


How to use those “prepper/mre/emergency” foods

you bought but haven’t needed yet, so you have to use them before they go bad.

My mom bought those “prepper” meals, so now I get to take them home and figure out how to use them so they don’t go to waste and they are better for her.

So time for some kitchen mash-up magic.  She has a bag of “potato soup”, small amount that was so thin and unappealing .  So she has a bag of cubed potatoes also, I make both of them.  I then add the two together, thickens the potato soup and flavors up the potatoes.

I split it in to 4 different flavor batches:

  • Potato/Califlower Soup – I had a head of califlower in my fridge so I used it
  • Potato/Black Bean/Chicken Soup – I had leftover beans and chicken
  • Potato/Corn/Pea/Chicken soup – I had leftover corn & chicken,  + used some of her bag of peas
  • Potato/Corn/Pea/Califlower soup – used up all the rest of the left overs!

So there is about 2/3 servings per batch, so she has 8/12 servings to add to her freezer!



Get the most out of your BBQ

so we have a Treager, we love it, what I do, is when the stuff is almost down, I will do the “shut off” mode, it will continue to be hot for a while, and this way it continues to cook without using more pellets and electricty.

I also multi-task my cooking, so I started with a squash, then went out later and added my tomatoes.  Then they were all done at same time.

No muss, no fuss, and very few items to clean!

Solar is AmAzInG….love it!

So know that the sun is staying out longer, we will be getting even more energy.  I love that my last bill was…..$50……usually over $275…….boom chacklaka BOOM!

It will keep getting smaller the rest of the year….woop, woop! Even figuring in the cost of the solar, we are going to save at LEAST $100 a month, $200 during summer, that adds up people!

Got ours from Costco, good pricing, better financing, plus 2% back , plus a $600 GC, yep …win/win/win.

And yes I still will take my jeans and towels outside to dry mostly in the sun, still want to keep my use down, plus it is better for the clothes and less wear and tear on my machines!

Single use plastic DOESN’T have to be single use

I wash and reuse my items….yes mostly because I am….oh I would say….frugal 🙂

I put plastic forks in my husbands lunch, he brings them back, I will either rewash them and use them again, or use them for dog food and throw them away, at least 2 uses each. I think you all remember how I almost got a new fridge when my husband freaked that I put dog food, in a plastic bag, in the corner of the fridge, can you imagine if I used a regular fork for dog food???!!

Plastic bags I will wash if they weren’t used for meat products, I get quite a few uses out of each one.

Empty big yogurt container?  I wash it out and use it to put food scraps in to take out to the trash a few times before tossing.

Plastic bags either I reuse for groceries until they fall apart or I use for dog mess, at least 2 uses.

So until they stop making stuff from plastic, at least try and reuse your stuff more then once.  Think of the money you will save and the reduction in your waste you will see.


Cutting the cable…..DTV….no more

so at long last we have said goodbye to Direct TV, we have had them over 25 years, mostly because of the Sports Packages.  We have over the past few years started to reduce our packages to cut costs, and the last few years we haven’t even used the Sports packages.

We have been using streaming services lately, HULU (got a $1 month deal, have to deal with commercials, but for a buck, I can do that), Netflix (we have had this for years, took over for Blockbuster 🙂 Prime (its free) , so along with YouTube TV we are seeing how we do.  The goal is to see if we can do streaming only, but hard to give up regular live TV, but there is less and less on or that we are interested in.

So we are enjoying our monthly savings, with more hopefully to come.


Eating Healthy on a budget….

Why does it seem it costs more to eat healthy?  I am “frugal” I want to eat healthy but without going broke.

So I have some hacks I use, cooking with flour is cheap and easy, other “flours” can be expensive, so I will pick up a small bag of soy or almond flour when it is on sale and mix it with my regular and wheat flour in a canister in my pantry.  I have yet to have an item come out I can’t eat because of the mix.  Also, I have oats in my pantry, if I need to I will blend them to a “flour”and use.  (I do this because I love carbs and carbs love my butt and belly so much they never want to leave 🙂

I replace much of the oil called for in recipes with applesauce, and not store bought, because we can’t eat it before it goes all yucky and it has things besides apples in it (jeez really companies!!)

So I always have apples in the fridge, I just cut 1 up (peel and all, keep all the good vitamins and minerals peeps!) blend it and use it instead.  1 apple tend to give me 1/4 to 1/2 cup of apple sauce.

I always cut down and/or replace the white sugar that is shown in recipes, we have way to much sugar already in all our foods, so if you are starting out, just slowly reduce, this way your family won’t notice.  Recipe calls for 1 cup, use 3/4, then 1/2, then 1/4.   If you want replace part of it with Honey or Agave.  So I cup sugar, if you cut it to 1/2 then add 1 tablespoon of honey or agave.

FARMERS MARKETS – to there, great buys of fresh fruits and veggies, plus I think I mentioned this before, look to see if there is an “ugly” fruit bin, I get most of my fruit there when they have it, for $1 lb apples, pears, ect.  And at the end of the day they don’t want to take it back, they give it away at a discount.

Now, what if you can’t eat it all?  Freeze it for later, or can it ( I am going to learn how to do that soon).

adding to the “when it rains it pours”

So a while back we had to finally get a new fridge as the old one was 15years old (had no idea).  It is so much better, side by side with freeze drawer.

So you know we had both sets of couples home and boom, the dryer goes out, this is at least the 3rd time this has happened.  Come to find out they are 10 years old, which really isn’t that old, but the cost to fix the dryer AGAIN vs just getting a new one was close to the same.

So of course we couldn’t JUST replace the dryer, so we got a new set.  Luckily, they went out on a holiday and we were able to get them on sale!

We put the old ones in the garage for which ever set of kids needs them first.  Along with the old fridge that is now being used to store boxes!

Why just have the old fridge out there wasting space?  I keep boxes on items for about a year, or til when the warranty expires.  Now most of them are in one place.  Easy Peasy!

My husband can rival my cat sometimes

in the assholery department.  I know he means well, but I am adult, so anyway,  while he was on a trip I saw a sewing desk for sale thru Nextdoor, which I love, just found recently, like the anti-facebook for neighborhoods, it is great.

This is one of those desks where you can put a sewing machine on and bring it up and down to work on it.  I got it for $45, I looked it up online, this is a $700 to $900 piece of furniture.  Booyah!!

I got it before I got the sewing machine (had no plans for one either).  I covered up the whole where the sewing machine goes and was using it as a craft desk.  I am making candle know.

So of course he was all bent out of shape that I got it, but HA HA, looks like a good thing now that I have a sewing machine!

What can I say, do I have great timing or what??