Just for men my ARSE!

so, as you may remember, I am going grey, now I have GONE grey, seriously, there is very few non-grey hairs growing in….waaaahhhh.

So I thought, why can’t I use Just for Men hair color?  Only 5 minutes?  Easy to do?  So I went online and found nothing that says there is no grey hair is difference for men and women.

So I bought a box, brought it home, and damn it to all if it DID work, no more grey, only took five minutes.  Sheesh.

The difference I could find is that this dye will only dye the grey hairs, so since I dye my hair a little lighter, my roots are a very unnoticable shade darker, but NO GREY baby!

If you highlight your hair, or dye it many shades different then you regular hair color, not sure if would work as good, but for 5 minutes and $6.00 can’t hurt to give it a try!



Closet Mash-Up….

so we were going out and I needed something to wear, but it is still HOT and all my nice clothes aren’t summery.

Then I saw a sleeveless dress I haven’t worn in a while, because….I need sleeves, then I found the black shirt I recently got from Thred Up and I put it on Over the dress and it looked like a Shirt and Skirt combo.

HA, take that white flabby arms….able to hide them and still look nice in my dress.

Booyah!  Didn’t have to buy a new dress, able to make use of dress haven’t worn in a while.

Saved money and hubby from dealing with a wife unhappy about her outfit 🙂

Thred Up people…Thred UP!

so as you may remember,….. or not….have been sending clothes I no longer wear or use to Thred Up, I have rec’d the following payouts:

$8.23 , $20.20, $23.25, and my last one a whole whopping $1.20, now you can have it credited to account, or get a cashout, I had my money sent to paypal.

So I was looking thru my closet and realized I needed some new clothes, so I thought, why not….I tried Thred Up for buying clothes.  And I really like it, they show most of the shirts on dummies so you can see how long they are, I am short….this can be a problem…and they give the measurements.  And you can return whatever you don’t like or doesn’t fit.

I am on box 2, I like 3 out of 6 I ordered, which is par for when I go to the store, I always end up taking 50% back.  And my last box I kept 3 out of 8.  Still not to bad.  The clothes are in great condition, and are very reasonably priced…as they should be since they don’t payout a lot 🙂

Give it a whirl….you’ll like it!


Flax Meal Eggs, not just for Vegans anymore!

There has been a reduction in eggs for a few reasons, the new law to give chickens bigger cages and the bird flu that has wiped out 10’s of thousands, this has resulted in higher prices for eggs.

So I was trying to make belgium waffles and the  recipe calls for 2 eggs, this is for ONE waffle….so I decided to try the flax seed egg, because lets face it for $4.99 I can get 12 eggs or for 3.96 which is 16 oz of Flax  I can get 32 “eggs”, since a flax meal egg is basically 1 tblsp Flax Meal and 2.5 tblsp water.

Almost 3 times the eggs for the same price? Oh Yeah!  The waffle with the Flax Egg tasted better then the one with Regular Eggs, but that probably isn’t because of the flax but because I put fruit in it 🙂  But the consistency and the hight of the waffle were the same.

This is a great replacement for your baking needs, (muffins, pancakes, waffles, ect) keeping the eggs for dishes like scrambled eggs, over easy, ect and keeping money in your pocketbook.

So I say, HEY, Flax meal eggs aren’t just for vegans anymore 🙂

sometimes I forget how good I really am…..

I went to my Happy Place aka Target, my bill was 100.19,

  • -1.00 coupon rec’d in one of my sample boxes
  • -2.00 coupon
  • -3.68 5% red card

new total $94.51, but the best part….I got (1) $5.00 GC and (1) $10.00 GC back, booohfreakingyah! for another trip 🙂

I bought two breathrights, I had the $1.00 coupon, they were already on sale and I got $5.00 GC back

I bought 3 swiffer products, 1 dry and 2 wet, because between the pupply and old dog my floors are taking a beating, plus the puppy is an ass and pulls the sheets from my cleaner… see video below

she is seriously giving the cat some competition in the arsehole department.



I love when I am Right!!!

I keep everything, I document everything.  If I am on a call, I write down the time, date, who I am talking to.  I give stuff to charity, I take pictures and list each item.  We get stuff done to the house I keep EVERYTHING.  My family is always giving me crap about taking picks, and being so OCD, this is the only thing I am OCD about, you should see my house…not so much 🙂

So a few months ago my pipes sprang a leak, I pulled out the Life Time warranty, it had been done 10 years ago, it was fixed for FREE!

Our french door to the patio has been wonky lately and then the lock stopped working, so yes, once again I pulled out my paperwork and called in, they wanted to charge me $75.00, I had to email them MY copy of my warranty, to prove it should be, yep you guessed it FREE.

So there, all my familia, how gets driven crazy because I keep all of this stuff, nicely and neatly in containers…HA, it has saved us hundreds this year so far.  BooFreakingYah!

Ways to save water….

I have posted before on some ways to save water, I will share again….some may be repeats….

When I cook in big pots, to clean I put in a  little water, swish to get the big stuff off, then leave it in the sink, and everytime I do something that needs water, the leftover falls in the pot.  I can use this at the end of the day to do more rinsing.

I went out and bought more plates, since I want to only use the dishwasher when full, it is hard with all your plates are dirty, you need them, so I went and got another set.  Now I never run out of clean plates and always run a full dishwasher.

Also, put your dishwasher on the fastest wash, I always use the china/light was, about 20 mins less then regular wash and they are always clean.

Take water to bed at night?  have some left over in the am?  Don’t pour it out, pour it in the flowers, the lawn or the dogs bowl.

One of the great water users is the toilet.  I guess septic tank users already use “if it is yellow let it mellow, if it is brown, flush it down” sounds eww but really, if you are well hydrated, when you pee there is very little color or smell.

We started not because of conservation, but because of noise.  Our plumbing is very loud in our room and everytime we got up at night to use the restroom it would wake the other person up.  So we stopped flushing at night.  Then it just kind of went from there.  I think every other time works to start out with.  Of course this is our own private bathroom, the house one we flush everytime.

My water bill has four tiers, Conservation, Efficient, Normal, Wastefull, we are almost always in the Conservation mode, before the drought, so we don’t have that many changes left to make.

Compare all your deals.

I went to a flower site and it had a Buy one Get one Free Deal…..so the items I put in my cart added up to $47.

I then went to my shopping site that gives you coupons and money back – so the 1st option was just 20% back sound good, except when I went to my cart the price was now $60, no more buy one get one free, the rebate would be $12, cost after all smoke $48

But here is the really crazy part, I picked the 15% coupon with 20% back option and the price went UP to $63 WITH the 15%??? and the rebate of $12.60 cost is $50????

So I always check what I want before the deal shopping sites with what it ends up being after, sometimes it is a good deal, sometime, Not so much…like this time.

More savings tips

long time followers may find some repeats, but I want to give it out to everyone again for those who may have never seen them:

#1 – Loyalty Programs – as per my last post – if you tend to shop somewhere like say Target quite often sign up for what ever loyalty program they have, you are already there, take advantage of anything they want to give you!

#2 – Target Red Card DEBIT – if you do shop at Target, don’t get yourself mired with another credit card, get the Debit Card, works just like your bank debit card except you get 5% off every purchase…this is no brainer for serious Target Shoppers

#3 – Don’t be hooked by “designer/name” brands, there are alternatives out there, I have the simple human trash can, I DON”T by there trashbags, I get the big box of trash bags from Costco, they work in this can, why would I pay more???  I have a Mint that sweeps and mops the floor, also like a Swiffer, I buy generic wipe, also I found that when one side gets dirty, just turn it up side down and use the other side!!  It may take a little time, but you will save big for you wallet

#4 – Use the SUN!  Free energy, buy a Clothes Line…I have a portable dryer that folds up like an umbrella for storage.  I dry Towels, Jeans and my sons T-Shirts in the sun.  Couple of helpful hints, use softner in the clothes you are going to dry on the line, and take them off before they are completely dry.  This will avoid the stiffness that sometimes occurs.  Take down while just a little damp, and throw them in the dryer for 10-15 min, much less energy used, since those items can take over 1 hour to dry.

#5 – Yes your dishwasher has lots of choices/settings but NO you don’t have to use them.  I only use the China/Delicate setting, it is shorter and works great, I also don’t use the heat dry setting.  I will use a regular setting if I have a bunch of items that are really dirty, mostly at holidays.  Save water and electricity.

#6 – Yes your washer/dryer has lots of choices/settings, you don’t have to use them.  Again, I used the lowest one I can to get the best effect, so 99% of the time it is Perm Press which is 44 min with a spin cycle.  Most of the other settings are 60 min or more.  The dryer I use time setting, the “sensor” setting can keep things drying for hours if one item is damp.  I set the timer and then check every 15 and take out anything that is already dry so the other items will be able to dry faster.

This is just a few of my hints….I will keep posting more as time goes by.  Please let me know how they work out for you.