well, heck, when it rains it pours….

Yesterday my son calls me in to his bathroom and says “listen”, we heard a weird sound, like sand going down something.  We couldn’t hear it any where else in the house.

I walked around and found the carpet wet in our bedroom, which is by the bathroom, it is weird, no noise could be heard unless you put your ear up to where there was a drilled hole where some electric cords came into the room then you could hear it.

Woo Hoo, pin hole leak in the pipe.  I did how ever keep the paperwork from the last time we had a leak, 2004, we have a lifetime gaureentee so I called them and they came out.  (I am so organized sometimes it is scary) plus I don’t want to do a homeowner claim, as last time I did that, they didn’t “cancel” us, they just “CHOSE” not to renew us, after 15 years with no claims, what a bunch of BULLSHITE!

So know I have wet carpet and holes in my walls, such a festive time over here, and then the guy who fixed the stuff, let us know the tub is also leaking, we knew we had to replace it, (at least 25 yrs old) but we were hoping to wait a while, guess not, so, wonder what I am getting for xmas now :)

Finally pics to go with posts…

I know I post alot of my kitchen mashups but I always eat them before I remember to take a picture…sooo,  my Ravioli, remember I make my own pasta, Super easy, Super Cheap & No artificial CRAP,

I cooked up some butternut squash and made my own Ravioli.  I make up a large batch and then freeze it in individual packages.

So I was hungry and took it out, and popped it in the boiling water and wala, then, because I think outside the box :)  I used balsamic dressing as the  sauce.  It was yummy.

The ravioli maker is easy once you figure out what side is UP.


I know how we can stop Police Violence..

it is real simple …STOP COMMITING CRIMES….yea, think about it, if you don’t commit a crime it is unlikely that you will be stopped, harrassed or killed by a cop.

Something so simple, why aren’t we talking about this….NO CRIMES, NO POLICE VIOLENCE…seems so simple and yet….no one is talking about that.

Don’t they say an ounce of prevention (no crime) is better then a pound of cure??

So, no matter what color of the rainbow you are….if you follow the law and don’t commit a crime the chance of you experiencing police violence is pretty darn low.



We are a country gone crazy….

schools gave time off for students traumatized by the recent unrest???  Really, can workers take off too?  Who comes up with this shit?

The rest of the world has got to be shaking their heads, wondering how we are going to be in the future when these kids start taking over the government and jobs.

Is everyone so easily traumatized?  Some unrest and we come undone.  PUT on your BIG GIRL & BOY Pants and get on with life.  Life isn’t fair, or easy, not everyone should get a trophy, their are winners and losers in life.


Spend some time, save some cash

Read your receipts people!!! Most of the time now you will find that the business wants your input so they give you something if you answer a survey on the phone or internet, all the info will be on the receipt.

Personally I don’t waste my time on ones that give me a “chance” to win something, bltthhhech!

I will spend time on the receipts from restaurants that offer me money off my next visit or a free item I am interested in, or business that offer a discount on my next visit.

Trust me you can find the time, after work, during your break, while watching TV to do these surveys, they add up.