My hubby is the bestest….

as you know I have been married 28 years, have 2 boys… 2 dogs, 1 stupid ass cat…and my mac is about 9 years old maybe 10 since I have my icon which is me holding a baby iggy :)

So in the last post or so you might have read about my love for my mac and my husbands not so love.

Well, he finally put his money where his mouth is….he got a bonus in a gift card, for 20yrs at same job, couldn’t get cash or it would be taxed…so he bought me…a Mac AIR…woop, whoop. I love this man. Now I can be on my Mac in the living room.

Of course the down side is he is constantly giving me crap about how it doesn’t do this or that, or how it is harder ect…not sure if he got me the mac for my pleasure or his to constantly harass me about it, he says the latter, I say the first!

He is still the best hubby EVER!! I think I will keep him around a little longer :)

I am not happy about “canned hunts!”

Thank you for contacting us about “canned” hunting.

We share your concern for the animals slaughtered in such hunts, which are transparently devoid of any semblance of a “sporting” element and conducted by unscrupulous people who stalk and kill semi-tame animals who have no chance of escape.

Canned hunts are nothing more than prepackaged slaughters. Animals are confined to fenced areas so that they can easily be cornered with no chance of escape. Many of these animals are hand-raised on game ranches and accustomed to the presence of humans. It’s common for them to trot trustingly in front of canned hunters for a handout of food. Instead, their reward is a cruel death.

A lesser-known connection to canned-hunt ranches is that zoos often sell “surplus” animals, even endangered species, to private buyers. Zoos conveniently ignore the fact that many of these animals are then sold to game ranches. Indeed, some zoos bypass an intermediary altogether and openly sell animals directly to auctions or canned-hunt organizers.

The Humane Society of the United States also works to help stop canned hunts ( We encourage you to contact HSUS for more information about how you can help animals victimized by hunters. Please use the form at or call 202-452-1100.

Endangered & Extinct Animal “Hunting” in Texas

Yes that is right people, you need to see Showtimes 7 Deadly Sins, Greed, the last episode.

In it so called “hunters” pay to go to a “Ranch in Texas” and “hunt” regular and endangered and extinct in the wild animals!! How is this legal???

Not only that but the ranch is Fenced in and there is Feeding stations to almost gaureentee a “kill”.

This is not sport, I am not a hunter, however, I understand and the fact is most hunters also use actual skills and eat what they kill.

In my opinion, it is not hunting or sport to kill an animal that is lured in by feeding stations and is fenced in so they can’t escape. Add to the fact that they don’t eat it and just want to mount it on a wall some where, then add to that they are killing ENDANGERED and EXTINCT animals, it is disgusting, I personally think the person who runs the farm and the people who visit it are scum of the earth. They just want to kill something for killing sake. I hope that they get gored by one of the Water buffalo or kicked by one of the ostrichs. Yep they had those there to.

Check out the show and see for yourself, I am not exaggerating, they are killing endandered and extinct animals for cash.

I am asking everyone to repost this please, this must be stopped. I have already called the Wildlife Dept and I am waiting on a call back on how this can be allowed and even remotely legal.

This must be stopped NOW!

I love my Mac…

I love my Apple, it is about 10 years old and STILL working….kinda of slow…but chugging along….but my husband…calls it my CrApple….don’t want I call him when he says that :)

Anyway, it is getting old, so he got me a portable hard drive to move all my pictures and movies to…which is why you will see lots of pictures from past trips suddenly showing up….sorry :)

But i noticed this laptop I use PC laptop is giving me more issues then my mac so I moved abunch of stuff from here…oh yea, both laptops under 5 years old have had to be wiped cleaned at least 2 or 3 which is the “crappy one” huh.

So if you are going to be a smartarse like me husband and ask about the laptop I will tell you the same thing, “move my Mac in the living room, then I will be on it all the time to” until till then zip it buddy!

Well Hell 28 years

Yes, 28 years of wedded bliss…..ok….mostly :)

I guess he is a keeper, thinking about keeping him around for another 28 or so.

We were talking and I know the divorce rats is high, but within our circle of friends only 1% have been divorced and of those 1% have been divorced more then twice.

Not sure but I think multiple marriage and divorces of the same people skew the numbers!