OMG pumpkin madness…

Sooo, as you know I like to get the most out of my purchases.  So I got a pumpkin at the store, and it was a good size pumpkin, for 5.99.  It was a steal!

I didn’t cut into it, I left it as is, for use as a center piece.  It was purty.

So, then it was time to make pumpkin meat out of it,  well I cut around the top and pulled the handle (stem) , it came off, the top did not.  Sheesh….so I finally pried it open, I pulled out a ton of pumpkin seeds (which I cooked also) and then I realized it was kind of big….. it took 3 cookie pans (cutting it up in slices) to cook.

I must have 20 cups of pumpkin….so I put some aside for my dogs (it is good for their digestion), I put 4 cups aside to take to my mom, I gave her a hint, I am hoping for pumpkin bread.

And in my kitchen I have (ok had 12, now only 10) pumpkin muffins and I had 6 now only 5 small individual pumpkin pies.

PLUS a whole ‘nother container of pumpkin…..who knew it would make so much.  I will probably freeze some, do something to make pumpkin ravioli….I will show Holly Freaking Homemaker  :)

So see you can recycle almost anything if you put your mind to it :)

Some people just SUCK…you know who you are…

my friends mom and 90 year old grandma went to the cemetery to add flowers to the graves and found out some one STOLE yes they STOLE the vases from the headstones.

Who ever you are you SUCK….I know Karma is a Biatch and I hope she kicks you in the nutts so hard you have to reswallow your balls!!!

What next, gonna start digging them up for their jewelry and fillings????

You are pathetic.


Utilities – Reduce so there is More for YOU and less for them

Utilities take a big chunk of money every month. There are ways to reduce, some easy, some hard, some cheap some expensive.

I will give you some tips and tricks I have seen, heard, used over the years. I always go for the one that gives me the most bang for my buck. Saving the environment is really a by-product of trying to save money, but in the end it is a win-win for me and mother earth:)

Laundry, this used Electric and/or Gas and Water. I will start with an easy, quick and inexpensive way to reduce Electric or Gas and Time (which we all need more of) depending on which type of dryer you use.

#1 if you have a dryer that gives you the choice of “auto” or “timed” dry, for everything except good clothes that can’t get wrinkled use the “time” choice and start out at the lowest time setting and highest dry setting unless you are drying towels or heavy clothes then start out with 40. If you use the “auto” it can go longer then necessary if it finds just (1) item slightly damp while the rest are dry. I check at 20 min, pull out whatever is dry (usually all or most of it) then put what ever might be damp back in.

#2 get a line dryer for jeans, towels, comforter, big items. I bought a collaspable line for $35 including freight (yea you’ll learn I will teach you :) off Ebay. I wash a load of towels, jeans ect, when they are done I put them in a basket and then start the “good clothes”. while the good clothes are washing I hang the heavy items out to dry, since I have found that these heavy items are never dry when the good clothes are done washing then they sit and time is a wastin’. When the good clothes are done I put them in the dryer, and start another load of heavy clothes. When the good clothes are dry, before the heavy clothes are clean, i put them away and move the heavy clothes off the line and in the dryer, the time required to dry them has gone from over (2) 40 minute cycles to less then (1) 20 min cycle.

Note: Do NOT dry jeans and towels all the way in the sun, they get “crunchy” I always but them in a little damp with a dryer sheet to soften them up.

Now here is my silver lining (hee hee get it line)….hanging clothes is a great way to chill out, there really isn’t much thinking while you do it, you get outside and you get good core exercise. Besides the reduction you should see in your gas and electric bill. Will it be huge? Depends on how much laundry you do.

Help a Girl out to get an ELF :)

Here is a site I have dedicated to trying to get an ELF…NOT not a Green, Ho Ho Ho Elf, but a Organic Transit Electric Bike/Car hybrid.

Here is my site – yes I know I don’t have one, but I am trying to look on the bright side, I will have one someday

if you go to their site, please, puuhllleaase tell them I sent you , I really really want one.

I have been good :)

Get more Mileage Save Gas Save Money

These may seem like no brainers, but here you go, some where new to me:

I am not sure if running your AC effects Gas Mileage or not, there is conflicting reports, however, I always close the vents on the passenger side of my car for A/C, why cool the empty seat? The air blows better with those vents closed, so you can reduce how cold and how fast the fan blows.

Coast people, take you foot off that pedal and COAST. I used to take the toll roads, they are very hilly, I was able to coast about 10 miles round trip. Makes your gas last longer. Any hilly area is a great place to coast… downhill obviously :)

Park your car in the shade, heat causes evaporation, it may not be a lot, but everyday adds up.

Keep your tires filled up and get a reflector for your windshield so your car doesn’t get so hot.


ps this is  a repost from 2013…but then saving money never goes out of style :)

oh…come…on….so many food shows out there

I wanna do it to! I wanna drive, fly, ect around the country, eating and get on TV.

I like to eat, I can’t cook, but so what, I told my husband, “lets get a trailer and go across country and tape us eatting” he said “no way, I would be the most hated guy”…he says this cause I have no sense of direction and can’t cook, and he is always being snarky about it….so he figures….people would hate him when he is snarky to me….I say “so what!…it would be fun” but alas, he has a good job, so I am stuck here, watching other people get paid to do what I could do… just isn’t fair.

I have tried to get him to go on the Amazing Race and he absolutely refuses, cause I can’t drive a stick or read a map and you can’t use the gps. He believes I would drive him so crazy that he would get “death threats” and be the most hated guy alive….maybe that would happen MAYBE….but I wanna go.

he is such a party pooper!

Yoga…it makes a difference….really…

as you may know from following me I am a flake, A.D.D. and all. But for a while I was going about 2 to 3 times a week to yoga. Not the pretzel twisting yoga, but a gentle yoga, theraputics and if I was feeling my oats at level 1/2.

But then my membership ran out and we went to another fitness place so my husband could do stuff to. Well that was fine, we went pretty good for a while (vacation and all was the incentive) but after vacation we pretty much flaked again, plus I HATE SPIN, and that is what he does….I hate biking for 1 hr, getting sweating and yet getting no where!!! And their yoga classes where just not interesting to me and were hard since I have no balance or flexability…..

So, when I don’t exercise I my hips get achy, and I guess I get grouchy because the other day my husband is like “you need to get back to your yoga classes, you have been grumpy lately”..oooo….kayyyy….after the initial…”your an ass” reaction to my husband, I took him up on it :)

Yoga is good for you, it is even better for me, heck may even improve my marriage…as they say..happy wife, happy life :)