things that should make you go WTF???

When traveling, and we have been quite a few places, Paris, London, Prague, Venice, Rome, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, Marrakesh, Thailand, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, Istanbul & Amman,….

NONE of them serve Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi, NONE of them. Why because the ingredients in it are not legal in their countries. Think about that for a minute, are you telling me that ALL there countries are wrong? I don’t think so, these countries do what is right for their people not what giant corporations try to do here and buy the votes of our leaders…oh wait did I say “try”, I meant DO.

You can get Coke Light, Regular Coke or Coke Zero, but no diet coke, think about that next time you go to get one. Think about that next time you think the government agencies (fda) are looking out for you, they aren’t they are looking out for themselves and big business.

Personally I can’t drink the Light or Regular, Zero will do in a pinch. But I did there what I do hear, drink water, tea and booze :)

Or and currently Diet Coke is working to get a better alternative, but Pepsi is working with scientists to come up with some ingredient that will fool our body into thinking it has more sugar then it does, uh uh , no thanks, while I used to drink Diet Coke or Pepsi interchangably, I am going to diet coke only as they aren’t trying to frankenstien my body thank you very much.

Travel Clothes….mine worked…..HA

So both my son and hubby made fun of me for buying my items for the trip, but HA on them, mine were easy to clean and dry, so I had nice clean clothes, my son brought a shirt for everyday and since he had his own bag it worked for him.

Hubby however, well lets just say, he was slightly fragrant on the flight home :)

Not only did my clothes take up less room, and wash and dry quickly, they are nice enough that I am wearing them after the trip, and they are nice since we are having a slight heat wave. Booyah!

OMG…now I remember why I hate the freeway….

aauugghhh…..I ordered some boxes for my jewelry and since the place “seemed” close (remember I am directionally challenged) I thought I would “save” the $10 shipping fee and go pick it up.

When I lived in Ind, if something was 20mi away that meant probably 20 min away. So the place was 25 mi away, I went during the day 12 to pick it up, 1 3/4 hrs later I am home.

Really people, WTF!!!!!!! Why is there so much traffic in the middle of the day, why does it slow down to a stop for no reason then start up again, what is going on.

Next time I am just paying the fricking $10 shipping, my sanity is worth way more then that!

Istanbul Turkey, Petra & Amman Jordan….what a trip

Soo we lost a 1/2 day in transit

We left at 5pm on July 4th and with a 12 flight should have been there at 5am on July 5th but we ended up there at 6pm on July 5th.

Istanbul :So after getting from the airport to the hotel, and getting settled we only had a few hours on the
5th, 6th Blue Mosaque Hagia Sofia Cistern, 7th Grand Bazaar Taksim, 8th Palace, and most of the 9th History Museum.

We left for Amman Jordan at 8:45pm on the 9th. We had the 10th in Petra, and 11th in Amman and then flight home.

Amman Jordan, we were supposed to arrive at 11:45pm but the flight was delayed 1 hour, then when we got to the airport our driver was a little late, and we went straight from the airport to Petra, Jordan (around 3 hr drive) so we didn’t have to get up early and do the bus ride. We got to our hotel around 3:30 am on the 10th. We got up around 9am and went to Petra site, we were there for about 4 hours, it was AWESOME, this was my Huband’s 50th B-day present. After hiking forever, we went back to the hotel and showered, rested, then went to dinner. Not much happening in Petra city especially during Ramadan. We went to bed early because we had a 3 hr ride back to Amman so we could catch our flight out the next day at 7am, which meant we got to Amman around 3, we showered ate, I went back to the room to rearrange our luggage and hubby and son went to look around for a while. We then ate and basically went to bed as we had to be at the airport by 4am for our flight.

We had a 3 hour layover in Istanbul then another 12 hours back home with the family from hell in front of us. What a crappy way to spend 12 hours. The kids were maybe 4 and 6 and brats and the parents weren’t much better, it was bad, I would have rather had a baby, at least if it cried you could understand, but these kids were bad and the parents weren’t much better, taking stuff from the overhead bin and just plopping it in the chairs so it rattle the backs and spilt our food and drinks, with no apologies or anything, even the flight attendants were getting annoyed with them.

If we fly out again, we are going to have to save for better seats as we are told old and beat up to endure the small seats….

Togetherness…..vacation overload

I love my husband of 28 years, I do, but after 2 weeks of TOGETHERNESS, I need some space. On vacation you are REALLY together 24/7. Not only are you together all day, you are togther in a SMALL area.

I thought he was going to work on Monday but he is off till Thursday…..OMG…..I am used to being alone most of the day, he is going to wreck my schedule.