They always say America is fast paced – you need to “leave” to

slow down. And I think they are right. But the real question is “WHY”? As I go into my second year of unemployment, I think I know why (for a majority, not all) GUILT!

Stupid, misplaced, ingrained, Guilt. Think about it, I have been unemployed, I can afford to be unemployed, and yet when I try to enjoy it ie, go outside and drink some tea and enjoy the birds and the day, I feel guilty, in the back of my mind, it is like …..(hey, shouldn’t you be doing the dishes, washing the floor, taking the dogs for a walk (ok maybe I should feel guilty about that one)….it seems like I am NOT supposed to enjoy doing nothing. It isn’t right.

We wonder why are kids are so crazy, stressed out, can’t seem to entertain themselves doing nothing…’cause we don’t let them, think about it….typical day for a current child

Get up
Go to school
go to …You add what you like (sports, dance, music)
somewhere here is lunch
come home do ….homework, practice
somewhere in here is dinner
REPEAT….on weekends….Game, Recital, Show
Repeat, repeat, repeat

no downtime here…constantly on the go…they also see their parents constantly on the go

Getting the kids up
get the kids fed
get the kids to school
to to work (hopefully)
Get home from work (under 40 hrs, but commutes can add hours)
and somewhere before bed:

get the kids to practice

So this all seems normal to everyone, and those who aren’t doing this are “lazy” “uninvolved” ect…hell no I say they are the smart ones.

Everyone, kids and adults need down time, do nothing time, go to the beach, the park, not for sports but for NO reason, no clocks, no points, no referees, just aaahhhh…isn’t this a nice day to run around and do nothing.

There shouldn’t be guilt associated for doing nothing, occasionally, doing nothing all the time is a whole nother post :)

So get off the computer, or not, but get something to drink, go outside (or to a cafe, or park) and just enjoy….enjoy the day, enjoy your home, enjoy your family…..just aaaahhhhh, it for a minute….or as long as you can ignore that damn guilt in the back of your mind….I wish it would just go away!

Guilt what is it good for? Absolutely nothing, say it again…..

think it

What do Carrots, Tomatoes & Squash have in common?

They were all in my fridge and in danger of going bad….so instead I put them all in a soup.

So it isn’t the greatest soup, cause I ain’t the greatest cook, but it is good. I put some in the freezer in little bowls to bring out in one servings.

I also made so much I am adding it to the dogs food, it is good for them and costs me nothing.

So I repurposed old veggies into new soup…take that Holly Homemaker… I really hate her :)

Hong Kong 2012…sky line, chickens, walk of fame

We went to see the skyline and walk of fame, like our Hollywood Stars and tasty squid, they tried it, said it was ok, I passed :)





there are still some old time stalls and shops here, of course my husband found the “pick your chicken and we’ll kill and cook it for you” spot…uh, no thank you. That is a little to Fresh for me.




Just some random pics



What I miss most not working

Of course the number one thing would be the money, but after a few rough patches it has sorted itself out.

But the biggest thing I miss is the interaction between myself and my coworkers/friends. You saw them everyday, and communicated not just about work, but about everything.

When you first get unemployed everyone tries to stay in touch, but the reality is you all live spread out, so the one common place was work. After a while it starts to peter out.

I really miss being engaged, challenged, having something to do every day. That is why I would love a part-time job. I don’t miss any of those things enough to go out and get another high pressure job like I had, but a nice part-time job would allow me to interact with others and keep me engaged. Of course having some extra spending money would be nice to.

What I don’t miss about work is the drive…I hate the freaking freeway…auugghhh.

I don’t miss the politics that sometimes happen at larger offices. I don’t miss getting up early. I don’t miss getting sick everytime someone comes to work sick.

In the end, even with less money to spend, and having to worry sometimes about making a payment, I am happier and healthier and my family is happier also.

as they say, happy wife happy life ;)